About Us

Welcome to our Kumaran Silks Family, a family so rich in silk heritage for over hundreds of years. Our retail history traces back to 1955 when Shri. P.C.Chengalvaraya Chettiar and his son Shri. P.C.Ramamurthy established this entity on a small scale in Chennai. They gradually transformed it into a massive retail unit in textiles spreading over 75000sq feet, making it one of the largest textile outlets in India within a span of 20 years.

Since we hail from a silk weaving community in Kanchipuram, inheriting exceptional knowledge in silks, we believe in producing the purest drapes with inimitable designs without compromise in quality as a mark of respect to our ancestry.

Today, not only do we specialize in providing you the best sarees but we have also extended our trade to readymade clothing,multi-cultural outfits and home décor.

Our Creations

Many innovations in the saree industry have been achieved by Kumaran silks. The brand "Amritavarshini" which is a blend ofcotton and silk launched by Kumaran silks rooted huge success and a rage among women folk. Some of the other innovative designs from Kumaran Silks include;


Sarees having designs on both sides in different colours that can be worn either way


These sarees were hand painted and embroidered with designs from Mughal miniatures, Madhubani and other eternal vintage arts.


These sarees have 2 sides with one side having a traditional feel and the other side having a contemporary feel. These sarees were decorated with swarovski crystals, hand paintings and screen printed designs.


Trendy sarees adorned with graphic designs and electric colours embossed in the pallu with rubberized printing.


Kumaran Silks enjoys patronage throughout the world. Our creations have reached every part of the world through our exports. Retailers and wholesalers from various countries like USA, Canada, England, Singapore, Australia etc., have been benefited by Kumaran Exports. The Indian community living in different parts of the world could now get access to quality rich textile goods.

Weaving Units

Kumaran Silks always desires to bring new trends into traditional patterns and yet retain its uniqueness. We started to setup our ownhandloom units in all the major silk production centres of Tamilnadu like Kanchipuram, Kumbakonam and Arani. This enabled us to manufacture new designs to keep up to the taste of the current women folk by maintaining high quality. Our own manufacturing centres helped us to sell quality sarees at smart competitive prices.

Kumaran Silks online shopping

Kumaran silks has always been part of your weddings, festive seasons, and joyous occasions for years. We do not want you to miss this tradition because of constraints in time or distance. Thus, we are bringing your favourite store even closer to you by extending our retail online for you to bag the real shopping experience at home from anywhere across the globe.