Brand Story

Kumaran Silks

An abode of exquisite silk sarees

As a nostalgic part of Chennai since 1955, Kumaran Silks enwraps you in a luxurious world of silks and fashion. 

The Kumaran Silks Family 

Hailing from a traditional silk weaving community in Kanchipuram, The hearts and minds of the Kumaran silks family are beautifully entwined in the heritage-rich silks sarees they grew up with and come to love.

With a rich 100-year-old legacy driving their artistic aspirations, they have inherited exceptional knowledge in silks. They are adept in the skills and process to create silk masterpieces with spellbinding workmanship and artistic finesse, to pay an ode to their enriching ancestry. 

Our story began in 1955... 

Kumaran silks was started as a small venture by the enterprising father-son duo Shri P.C. Chengalvaraya Chettiar and Shri P.C. Ramamurthy.

Their passion for silks and the personalized customer service soon established Kumaran Silks as a go-to place for pure silk sarees straight from the weavers. The word spread, and as more and more customers visited us, we took pains to understand their needs and preferences.

This encouraged us to bring out innovations in silk sarees to make saree connoisseurs super happy. However, our ultimate aim was to make even the people who consider sarees as old fashioned, to experience the glorious magic of silk sarees.

Our magnificent designs 

We launched the brand 'Amrithavarshini'...sarees crafted with a perfect blend of cotton and silk. Appealing with artistic designs and sleek zari work, it was a big hit with womenfolk as these versatile weaves were perfect for casual and formal moments. 

We also launched 

Year 1996 - Turn n Wear Collection

These sarees had unique designs on both sides...2 different looks in one 6 yard wonder

Year 1997 - Art collection

Sarees that take inspiration from Mughal miniatures, Madhubani, and other heritage-rich art forms... hand-painted and embroidered to perfection. 

Year 2000 - Twin Silk

Reversible sarees that satisfy your love for traditions and trendiness in one side charms with quintessential designs and the other side is given a contemporary style. These sarees enchant with Swarovski crystals and hand painting/screen painting artwork

Year 2002 - Rhapsody

Strikingly pretty sarees with rubberized printing gleaming with graphic designs and electric colours. 

Now, as a massive textile hub spreading over 75,000 Sq.feet, we stand tall as one of the largest textile outlets in India. As we wanted to enrich the shopping experience of our dear patrons, we have extended our trade to include readymade clothing, multi-cultural outfits, and home decor.

Our vibrant weaving community

As we carried an ardent love for silks and the unquenched yearning to craft unique weaves, we set up our own handloom units in most major silk cities of Tamilnadu including Kanchipuram, Kumbakonam, and Arani. 

This gave us a chance to enrich the weaving community in our own special way and bring out superior quality sarees with one-of-a-kind designs at competitive prices.

We transcend geographical boundaries

We enjoy wonderful patronage from saree connoisseurs across the globe. As we strive to proclaim the exquisite glory of silk sarees to the whole wide world, we have an enterprising network of wholesalers and retailers in most countries including USA, Canada, England, Singapore, and Australia. This way, we make rich silks accessible to the Indian community, wherever they are! 

Shopping online made easy

Silks sarees are an integral part of our heritage and culture, and Kumaran silks prides in being a beautiful part of your festivities and celebrations. As we have a customer base across the globe, we decided to bring your favorite store right to your drawing room! Our interactive online shopping lets you experience the real joy of shopping, from the comfort of your home. How cool is that? To us, you matter the most!