Saree- The Vintage Modern

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What could delineate a woman’s aesthetics and elegance better than Sarees? The way the simple, yet splendorous single piece of cloth enhances a women’s grace sans stitches is totally a to-be-admired creation. How else would it still own the stage of being an inimitable and irreplaceable form of garbing for more so many centuries all by itself, when so many styles and forms of the so called modern clothing have been coming in and going out of trend and celebration from time to time?


Sarees have always been in trend, and have always been the most comforting and gracious wear for women. The way it elegantly covers a woman’s entire soma, and also shows the genuine curves of beauty in the most dignified way, shows the singularity of this unrivalled creation. Even scientifically, a Saree is proved to be very significant. It keeps us warm and comfortable in winters and cool in the summers by letting us wrap it around us the way we prefer.


Sarees reflect the managing abilities of a woman, just like how she manages so many important or trivial chores in a perfect fashion while being at it. Women look charming, beautiful, admirable, attractive and dignified at the same time, while in a Saree. With all the comfort and advantages that it lets us enjoy, we can wear it anywhere for any occasion; may it be a cultural happening, or a party, or a professional visit, a woman can easily drape a Saree and get the look she intends.


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