Red- The colour of Desire

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Red- The colour of Desire



One of the most liked and looked after colours is the colour Red- perhaps the only colour matching the contradicting extremes. It symbolizes- passion and anger, love and war, determination and stress, desire and danger- all at the same time. Starting from the natural Sunset, ranging till the artificial laser spectrum, Red has an essential value in every aspect of the Universe. It is also emotionally a very intense colour. Our prehistoric ancestors considered red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of Red's symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.


Why is Red- the Colour of Desire?


The colour Red suggests the desire for every emotion; every extremity. It could be the desire for any emotion; any raw and extreme emotion. It is known as the colour of Good luck in Asia. It is also a colour known for the way it attracts and easily blends with the atmosphere and mood of the occasion or place. In a study by Pazda, it was derived that females wearing a Red Outfit were rated most attractive by men, and in a study by Elliot, it was shown that men wearing a Red outfit were rated most attractive by females. And at the same time, Red has also always been seen as a religious colour; an auspicious colour for marriages, especially in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.


The Traditional Red



The colour represents fire and the presence of God. And because of its innate vibrant nature, it is found very attractive and is very happily chosen and worn. We can see that in most of the Indian Weddings, the Bride would be dressed in Red or Maroon. Also if you randomly choose any lady in an occasion, there is a great possibility of her donning a Traditional Red Saree or Ghagra. Not just the weddings, but in every auspicious occasion, Red is the most sought after colour, sharing this place with Yellow.



The Hot Party Red



Enhancing the female beauty and also highlighting her elegance, a Red Dress could be the best of Party Wears. And what could be more attractive and appealing to the eyes than a Red Saree, right? Especially, the typical Bollywood sarees express huge craze for this colour.



The Cool Casual Red



While being counted for its heat, Red could also be the coolest of colours to call a Casual Wear If you wanna show off all your grace and pretty elements even while you’re just sipping coffee and having a chat with your friends, Red is the Colour you are looking for. It has the capacity to adorn your aspects in the most effortless of ways.

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