PATTU SAREES- The Perfect Fusion

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PATTU SAREES- The Perfect Fusion



Every woman has dreamt dreams and planned plans to concretize on the day of her wedding to hear the words “She is The Most Beautiful Bride,” and feel like it. Not just that, but she also wants to look The Best even in the smallest and simplest of functions. Of course! Who wouldn’t love all eyes admiring them?



Now, she wants to look beautiful, elegant, rich, royal and not-too-showy, all at the same time. What could be the obvious choice? Of course Silk sarees! May it be a wedding, or a function at home or a celebration with family, friends or relatives; they click on every occasion. We can blindly assert that every woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without silk sarees in it. Varying in colours, designs and motifs, and style of draping, Pattu Sarees give women the look they desire; the look they deserve!



Pattu sarees are a perfect mixture of traditional weaving methods and contemporary designs, motifs and colours. These sarees that make the best fusion of tradition and modernity are sure to excite and satisfy a woman’s yearning to look perfect, every time.



Talking about the best silk sarees, leaving out on Kanchipuram/ Kancheevaram silk sarees is implausible. It is the city especially known for the production and manufacture of silk sarees, particularly Pattu sarees. These sarees stand out from others because of the creativity and master workmanship that reflect on the intricate designs and variety in motifs, and most importantly, the quality of Silk there. These sarees are large and heavy, owing to the zari work on the sarees that give a suitable look according to the occasion it is donned on.


There are different styles you can drape a silk saree to get the traditional look you want, but with a difference in highlights.


You can check our blog to get an idea on different draping styles, and check our collection to pick the Saree that suits your definition of perfection the best!

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