Happy New Year

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New Year’s



New Year’s is nearing! And if you haven’t shopped yet, it’s time to stay right on your couch and yet do the shopping!!!


New Year’s Day is one of the best occasions to start of fresh with new ideas and colours and aura. So why not paint yourself new too?


(One quick info: During the Roman era, March marked the beginning of the calendar. Then, in 46 B.C., Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar, which set the New Year when it is celebrated today (1st of January every year). Different religions also celebrate their New Year's at different times.)


New Year’s is that day when we want to gift ourselves; we consciously make efforts to improve ourselves and also praise ourselves about how we’ve been handling time for a package of 365 days. It’s perhaps a day that has to be and is rightly celebrated the most across the whole world.


This New Year, join our family and get the right look for your mood…

Casual Collections



Maybe you're just sipping coffee; maybe you're just having a light chat with your friends. Don't you still wanna stick all eyes to you and look The Best?


Here we go! Check our new Casual Saree Collection, and be the Eye- Magnet!!


Art Silk Sarees



Experience an artful combination of comfort and glamour, in this plush and trendy up Art Silk Collection that is ideal for dressing up your living space.


Kancheevaram Silk Sarees



Look beautiful, elegant, rich, royal and not-too-showy, all at the same time with Kancheevaram Silk Sarees. After all, varying in colours, designs and motifs, and style of draping, they are Pattu Sarees that give women the look they desire.


Party Wear Sarees



To feel light and look classy, enwrap your soma in these Party Wear Sarees and dazzle like a diamond and get pampered in sarees of your choice in eye catching shades and pleasing designs.


Trendy Sarees



To dress Trendy, to be the talk of the day and to walk with confidence is what we ultimately want. And all you have to do to help yourself is to come to us!


Check our Collections in different varieties and get ready for the Fresh start!!!



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