Happy Birthday to Jesus

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Happy Birthday to Jesus



So, it’s “Happy Birthday” to Jesus!


Jesus, believed to be The Son of God, had died for us and came back to life today. The name “Christmas” comes from the Mass-of-Christ (or Jesus).


Christmas was first recorded in Rome in 336. Though eclipsed by Epiphany in the early Middle ages, Christmas regained its importance in 800. And today, the world celebrates Christmas on the 25th of December every year, according to the Gregorian calendar whereas some Eastern Christian Churches celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December according to the Julian calendar which corresponds with the 7th of January of the Gregorian calendar, which is the day after the Western Christian Church celebrates Epiphany.


Christmas was given a handful more names in the past. The Anglo- Saxons called it “Midwinter” or “Nātīvitās” in Latin, meaning “birth” (Nativity in English); in Old English, Gēola (Yule) referred to the period corresponding to December and January, which was eventually equated with Christian Christmas. "Noel" (or "Nowel") entered English in the late 14th century and is from the Old French noël or naël, itself ultimately from the Latin nātālis (diēs) meaning "birth (day)".


Being the festival of gifts, decorations, special meal, cool and light, Christmas is one of those celebrations which everyone from every corner of the world, especially kids, look forward to; expecting the arrival of Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, or Christkind.


The name Santa Claus origins from the name of the famous Saint Nicholas, from the 13th century who was known for the care of children, generosity, and the giving of gifts. His feast day, December 6, came to be celebrated in many countries with the giving of gifts.


Exchanging of gifts is one of the main reasons causing excitement during Christmas. Wanna be the Santa Claus to someone? Click here to do some Christmas shopping with us and to surprise your loved ones.


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