Illuminating Diwali

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Illuminating Diwali



The festival of lights and colours is here. It’s time that all relatives and friends meet up and spend time with each other and laugh their hearts out eating sweets, bursting crackers, dressing up, showing off, playing and having a lot of fun. Being a Hindu festival celebrated to honour Lord Rama, celebrating His return to His people after 14 long years of exile during which he fought a battle with the demons and won against the demon king Ravana, it is celebrated not only by the Hindus but also people of all religions and communities. And again, our pretty ladies want to use the opportunity to dress up and flaunt their wardrobes with the best of wears. So, we’re already confused, for we have a whole list of varyingly styled outfits; why not make it a bit more confusing? Imagine availing even more varieties within the varieties and more designs in vibrant colours and patterns to show off your outfit to give you a new definition to perfection (with discounts to special varieties)!





Salwar kameez, these days, a widely used traditional outfit is one of the most comfortable wears for a female. It can actually be worn by both men and women, but it would differ in styles and embellishments. And it can be donned for any event at any time and any place.



Indo Western



Indo- Western tops, a fusion of Indian and Western clothing has been enjoying the position of being a hit among the young generation these days. Western styles with Indian ideas in designs and colours attract the attention of many.


Ghagra Choli



One of the very Indian, ethnic and traditional yet trendy outfit is the Ghagra choli. It has been the trendiest wear following Sarees, donning which any young woman would easily steal the attention of the entire crowd. Depending on designs, a Ghagra Choli can also be worn in the form of a Lehanga.




Last but not the least, traditional Sarees fusing different styles and patterns, has always been, is and will always continue to be the best choice for our ladies to sport. Of course, there are many kinds of outfits that keep coming up in the trend; but sarees have a specialty of remaining in the trend. I would say, sarees are omni! That is because sarees are a mixture of every style possibly imaginable by us at least till date. Here is a must-check-tick-and-pick range of sarees for this Diwali!


Art Silk Sarees



Art silk can never go out of fashion. Revive your wardrobe with freshly designed art silk sarees with the trending patterns of the season. Our Grand looking, yet very affordable Art Silk Sarees, are a must try to all the gorgeous ladies out there to light up this occasion.


Raw Silk Sarees



Different choices of fabrics in different surprising colours finished with sophisticated patterns come together in these pretty Raw Silk Sarees. You can don this drape in any occasion and feel like a princess. It is designed to enhance the casual look for you.


Faux Georgette Sarees



Get draped in soft Faux Georgette Sarees with cute embroidered work and scalloped borders which will make you look outstanding. The fashionable ones will opt for these drapes enhanced with an extra oomph factor. Check Scallop Series for a complimenting colour combination in sarees.


Satin Sarees



Reflecting the richness of Indian culture, this collection is a true synonym of grace, beauty and fashion at the same time. Etching a lineage, and era of royalty and exclusiveness, your hunt for the best saree ends here gratifyingly. If you wanna glow like one among the candles and lanterns this Diwali, try our new collection of Satin Sarees.


Printed Sarees



Printed Sarees are a beautiful array of sarees displaying traditional patterns in the border and pallu. They adorn your beauty and enhance your charisma. Check them to give you a homely, yet trendy look and feel happy.


Party Wear Sarees



Lastly, you can try our Party Wear Sarees to feel light and look classy. Enwrap your soma in these sarees and dazzle like a diamond and get pampered in sarees of your choice in eye catching shades and pleasing designs.

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