Immortal Blue

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Immortal Blue



One of the basic colours, Blue- the colour embodying Cool and calm- is the January colour! It most prominently symbolizes the Sky and the Sea, and is associated with freedom, inspiration, sensitivity, intuition, trust, confidence faith, stability, wisdom and expansiveness. Carrying a whole lot of positive expressions, Blue could be the best colour to engage the most expressive part of humans- our eyes!


Blue in Psychology


Blue is extremely positive to our mind and body. It invokes rest and calm and helps with balance and self expression. It is capable to causing our body to produce chemicals that are calming in nature and exude feelings of tranquility. But sometimes, an excessive use of blue can also turn out to seem uncaring and cold.


Something Blue


The three important qualities for a sold marriage are Love, Purity and Fidelity. And all these three quirks are contained in the colour Blue. That is one of the important reasons contributing in the concept of “Something Blue” in Western Weddings.


Blue and Indian Tradition



Blue goes good with every tradition and occasion. But adding on to its natural importance and significance, there is a cultural importance to Blue in India. This colour is associated with Lord Krishna, one of the most important of deities, who is portrayed as having blue skin. And also, he is one of the most celebrated and loved deities. So dressing in a Traditional Blue Saree or Blue Lehanga would be a fact of delight!



The Cool



Blue could be the coolest of colours to clothe and move and groove. Be it social parties, family or friendly occasions, or anywhere. It is undoubtedly an eye- pleasing colour. You dress right in a blue, you definitely will get a “You look so pretty in this dress” complement! And, wouldn’t a Blue Saree be just perfect? And of course, a Casual Blue Dress will fit in anytime to add on to the cheers!



Blue is also great for casual occasions with friends and relatives where you’re just hanging out and having fun, because it makes the scene look pleasant and serene. A simple Cotton Saree would be the best in that case.



Must check!



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