Durga Puja !

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The time is nearing; the days all springing, looking forward to celebrating Maa Durga.
Oh yes! Navaratri is just around the corner, and we bet we’re already zealous and in increasing buoyancy about the festivity. The cities lighting up, relatives and friends visiting and welcoming us, divine music playing in the air, choreographing and dancing Garba and Dandiya, colourful spirits gearing high, dressing, making up, decorating our houses, putting up the traditional Golu setup and what not!

Vedic chantings are spelled, lanterns are lit and traditional dance styles are performed in temples during Navaratri to celebrate the existence and dwelling of Devi.

Golu is the most notable tradition in the celebration of Navaratri in Tamil Nadu. It also happens to be one of the biggest reasons for awaiting Navaratri, apart from focusing on Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga Godesses, and not to mention, sweets and gifts. This tradition is also found in other parts of South India viz., Bommala Koluvu in Andhra Pradesh, Gombe Habba or Gombe Totti in Karnataka and Bomma Gullu in Kerala. Little kids and ladies spend quite a while in setting up a variety of lifestyle miniatures in different themes of their choice, using dolls. In the evening of the tenth day, that is, Vijayadasami, any one doll from the Golu is put to sleep symbolically and the Kalasa is moved towards the North to mark the end of the year’s Navaratri Golu followed by prayers before wrapping up the set up.

Just like the Goddess has taken up the ten arms in her hands, our ladies take up ten different tasks to handle during these ten days. And guess what! At the end of the day, not just the divine Maa Durga, but also all the Durgas in our houses want to look magnificent and elegant.

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